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Man Shot by Cops After House Auctioned Off

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Excerpt From Original Source With Comments & Permission Where Appropriate with original link below
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foreclosure gun sign
Story Contributed by KPHO Reporter Cara Liu


PHOENIX (CBS/KPHO) So many these days can relate to the distress of losing a home, but neighbors in one north Phoenix neighborhood are struggling to understand why one man’s struggle had to end the way it did.

“He obviously became upset, made some comments, and went inside and came back out with a gun,” said Detective James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department.


Investigators said the man fired at the new owners’ cars. The new owners ran and were not hurt.
Officers arriving on scene reported the man at the house had a gun in one hand and a beer in the other. Police say negotiators tried talking him down, but at some point in the negotiations, the man pointed his gun at a police vehicle.

“At that point, (the SWAT team) fired two sage bullets, which are rubber bullets, at the gentleman. At that point, he raised his weapon and officers returned fire,” said Det. Holmes.
Neighbors heard several gunshots.

Excerpt From Original Source With Comments & Permission Where Appropriate with original link below

“It breaks my heart,” said Jim Ledune, a neighbor.

Another neighbor, who sells foreclosures for a living, said losing a house isn’t worth losing your life, but he does understand how tough it is.

“You’ve lost more than your home. You’ve lost something that you stand for, worked hard for and it didn’t work,” said Charlie Sykes, a neighbor.

As of Wednesday morning, police had not released the name of the man who was shot and killed by officers or the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

Original article featured at CBSNews Blog

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